Daughters of Castle Deverill


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I picked up Daughters-of-Castle-Deverill at the airport a few weeks ago, and I had done no research at all beforehand.
I immediately loved the story and did not realize until halfway through that it was the second book in a series.

The story takes place at Castles Deverill in west Ireland, as well as the London homes  of the extended Deverill family.
In 1925 the war is over, but that does in no way mean that the drama has come to an end.
Castle Deverill is burned to the ground and Lord Deverill has put it up for sale.

Cousin Celia, one of the London Deverills, remembers with great affection, childhood summers spent at the castle.
She hates the idea of it falling into the hands of strangers, and with her husband she buys it from her uncle in order to restore it. But she wants to go beyond anything that the castle ever was, and with an endless supply of money Celia gets the castle of her dreams just when the financial markets start to shake.

In the meantime Kitty and Harry, Celia`s cousins, have their own problems.
Kitty is bringing up her father`s illegitimate son, but when the boys mother Birdie shows up to claim him Kitty`s world is threatened.
Her brother Harry has an secret love affair that may cost him both his family and his reputation.

Also apart of the Deverill drama are their childhood friends, siblings Birdie and Michael Doyle who now are their bitter enemies, and Jack O`Leary who carries Kitty`s heart.

The book paints a great picture of how our choices and actions effect the people around us.
Its beautifully written and the story contains plenty of twists and turns as well as an enthralling story of love, betrayal, heartbreak and passion.
Even though Daughters-of-Castle-Deverill works perfectly fine as an individual read I definitely recommend reading Songs-of-Love-and-War first.
Since I started reading without knowing that this was a series I am now reading Songs-of-Love-and-War and love it, but the fact that I`m reading them in an odd order ruins a lot of the mystery.

The last book in this series just came out now in July and is called The-Last-Secret-of-the-Deverills and I can`t wait to keep on following the drama of the Deverill family, I might even have to make room for it in my Summer reading list.
You can check out my whole Summer reading list Here .

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, and if you read it feel welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below.




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