Favorite 5 libraries around the world

I love Libraries! They are rooms full of possibilities for travel in time and space, and for new friendships. There are a lot of beautiful libraries around the world so this was no easy pick, but here are my favorite five:

The Admont Library , Admont, Austria

This Library is located right by the Alps, and is absolutely beautiful. The breathtaking ceilings were painted by Bartolomeo Altomonte and show the stages of human knowledge.

Bodleian Library, Oxford, England

The Bodleian Library is packed with history as it originally opened in 1602. It has been expanded quite some times since, and now holds over 11 million printed items. Oxford has, among others, educated 26 British priministers and 50 Nobel Prize winners and is a truly inspirational Place.

Clementinum, Prague, Czech Republic

Clementinum is the national Library of the Czech Republic and is housed in a series of historical buildings. In the Baroque Library you can see a selection of gorgeous globes surrounded by elaborate ceiling frescoes and spiraling Wood columns.

George Peabody Library, Baltimore, USA

George Peabody build this Library as a gift to the citizens of Baltimore for their kindness and hospitality. With its great atrium and five stories of cast-iron balconies filled with books, it is as beautiful as it gets.

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Library also called the old Library contains the largest collection of books in Ireland and is famous for its Long Room. The Long Room With the marble, dark wood pilasters and dramatically vaulted ceiling gives a sense of Magic.

So, if you could pick from all the Libraries in the whole world where would you go?