My best advices for an smooth flight with an 4 year old.


Hi there,

If you follow me on Instagram you know that we just arrived back from Spain. The trip was amazing and the flight over went as smooth as it could with our (almost) 4 year old son, so I wanted to share my top tips for a smooth flight with a young child.

          For the child:

  • Entertainment is key! This definitely was the main element that made our trip so great. But there are a couple of Things to look out for. Number one, bring a headset that fits your child. And definitely no earplugs. Number two, never relay on the in-flight entertainment. And this is important! What they show will wary between the Airlines, and from experience I know that even if they have their in-flight Entertainment listed on their website you will not always see the whole selection on your flight. For this trip we used our iPad, and downloaded TV series and Movies from our Netflix account. This way we knew what we had, and that it were just his favorites!
  • The Next thing that is way important is to bring a bottle. Yes, even if you are traveling with a child that quit them long ago like we were. This is for takeoff and landing. When the child drinks from the bottle you minimize the risk of their ears hurting. I for one definitely know that if the flight starts with crying we are in trouble! So we filled it up with his favorite juice, and bought one at the airport to fill it up before landing as well. Worked Wonders!
  • Ok, I feel like I say that everything on here is important and it is. Next on the list are snacks, and bring plenty! Once again I recommend not relaying on in-flight services here because they wary between companies and even flights. Bring the favorites.
  • Always order the child an own seat! Even if he ends up not using it the extra space makes a lot of difference.
  • And try to book a flight at a time that the child naturally sleeps. If that means in the middle of the day at nap-time or as in our case after 7 in the evening. A sleeping child makes for a great traveler!

    For the parents:
  • Don`t do the mistake and forget about yourself (we did the first time we traveled with a baby and it was the worst). I guess it`s natural that we are all caught up in making the flight as smooth as possible for the child but the fact that the parents are as comfortable as they can makes all the difference.
  • So, first off all bring an extra set off clothes. Being stuck on an airplane for a number of hours with wet/too little/smelly clothes is no fun at all. And traveling with a small child makes the possibility for an accident really high. I mean, you can try to help a child to the toilet in turbulence, yelp.
  • Second, try to get seats in the back of the airplane. That way you are most likely close to the toilet. And you don’t have to feel like the whole airplane is starring you down every time you stand up to fix something (and you will).
    Well that’s what I got for now, I hope you found it useful and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.


Safe travels!